Need a gentle reminder to appreciate the special people who accompany you through your journey in life?

Buddysaurus was born from a dream to make our world a better place by inspiring people to reach out to people more often by becoming their buddies. We have wanted to share this dream with you since the beginning.

Buddysaurus are thoughtful dinosaur products, reminding you that:
“No matter what you are, there is always someone alike, willing to listen to you and walk with you”

In our day and age, it is easy to get lost in the our hectic lives.

Today, we are consumed by so many things: the need to have the latest gadgets, chasing after the latest trends, immersing ourselves in our work, building a successful future for our family, and the list goes on. Before we know it, we have lost touch with what once was our closest friends; the people we used to have conversations with everyday, the ones we shared our dearest memories with, have all but been forgotten. You may go on facebook to check their latest status updates, on instagram to stalk their photos, LinkedIn to check their latest career move. Suddenly, you miss their presence and experience overwhelming wish that you had tried harder to keep in touch with them. Your hand might hesitate on the call button below your now-distant friend’s number on your phone. Would you call them after 5 years of no contact? 10 years? 30 years?

What would you do in this situation?

We hope you would never be in a situation where you’d have to decide whether to reach out to a buddy you’ve lost touch with.

Our vision is to provide you with a daily reminder to make time and direct energy for the special people in your life. We know how easy it is to forget the importance of cultivating and maintaining a healthy relationship alive. Buddysaurus will prevent this situation from occurring.

It is our mission to provide you with inspiration on how to “become a better buddy” to everyone around you, whether it’s your parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, or spouse.

You can take part in achieving our vision in various ways:

  • Adopt a buddysaurus (take one home and give one to a friend)
  • Tell someone about buddysaurus (spread awareness of the concept behind buddysaurus)
  • Share our vision via (social media, etc.)

We go above and beyond just reminding!

Be sure to check out our daily inspiration, tips and tricks on how to be the best buddy you can be!

Buddy Journey

YC Chan - Continuing Studies Instructor at Emily Carr
As an industrial designer and inventor, I created Buddysaurus as a meaningful movement to remind everyone the importance of remembering those who walk with you in life. It is my hope these products will inspire you to become a better buddy to others. Connections with people are too easily lost because of other demands and stress in life. However, we should always remember it is the relationships in our life that ultimately give meaning to our life. Together, we can work towards making the world a better place by bringing the buddy revelation to life.